Progress and Snow

I’ve made some significant progress.

I’ve showered!  The shower stool works pretty well.  Getting on and off of it is not glamorous nor is it a cedar bench spa experience, but in these desperate times, being able to clean myself feels like a luxury.

I’ve been outside!  I was happy to get out today for the first time since I came home from the walk-in.  A doctor’s appointment and lunch made for an exciting morning.  Hopefully I got a little vitamin D as well.  I was worrying about not working out, but getting anywhere on crutches seems to be pretty significant exercise.  Especially going up and down stairs.  I need a lot of practice with that.  Luckily I had very generous and patient help.  Of course I had help, I can’t even drive.

Now I’m not sure how I’m ever going to go out again with the impending snow-pocalypse.  I keep worrying about it and the rational part of my brain knows there is nothing I can do, but I keep thinking back to last winter when the snow never melted and just kept coming and I keep worrying that is going to happen again.

Next up I am going to consider getting a knee walker.


Good idea?  Or a wimp out?


3 thoughts on “Progress and Snow

  1. After a horrible spring and summer with foot problems that evolved into knee problems and now, although it’s getting better, but still looks like it’ll be a horrible winter, I say do whatever you need to do to make things easier. Wimping out doesn’t exist in cases like this.

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