Anyone who knows me pretty well knows I love shoes. I don’t actually buy many pairs (really) because I like to buy expensive shoes, but I love to admire shoes.  I especially love when I feel like it is my shoes that really make my outfit and I get a little kick out of looking down at my feet during the day.  If you don’t love shoes, you really can’t understand and you probably think I am crazy.  If you do love shoes then you know exactly what I mean.

Being forced to wear sneakers all the time has been so disappointing.  Looking at my favorite shoe websites is like being in the ice cream aisle at the grocery store when I’m on a diet. (Luckily I can’t get to the grocery store these days.)

Here are some shoes I’ve admired over the last several weeks:

Steve Madden – Meela
Boden – Ashley Heel
J. Crew – Colorblock stacked flats

OK, yes, I probably could break my ankle all over again in the Boden heels, but the other 2 are sensibly flat.

I really want to order the loafers, but it is like shopping for spring clothes in March when you live in New England.  You buy them and they hang in your closet until May when it is actually warm enough to wear them.  That makes me sad.

I haven’t even mentioned how lonely the shoes I already own are feeling.  They really can’t understand why only the left sneakers are getting all the attention.

Healing update:  I am officially down to one crutch!  This is very liberating as I can now carry things in one hand from place to place.  I never imagined I would appreciate that so much.  It’s taken some extra Advil to get here, but it has been worth it.

Next goal is walking with no crutches!


2 thoughts on “Shoes

  1. Hi Marcy

    Well, of course I totally understand about shoes. I’ve been admiring that same Boden pair too, but my heart has gone to these:

    The only reason I haven’t ordered them is that I have a history of Boden shoes not fitting me.

    I also saw these and immediately thought of you:

    I know exactly what you mean about not being able to buy spring shoes yet either, because I’m still looking at the boots. Seems like this year at least 2 pairs of mine have died, and although it’s hopefully the tail end of winter, these are currently sitting in a shopping basket waiting to know their fate:

    Very pleased to hear that you’re down to one crutch, slightly worried about the Advil – don’t push it too much!

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    1. I love those other Boden heels too, but ankle straps don’t look great in me. And those peacock flats are awesome! I missed those.
      You should say yes to the boots. There’s no such thing as too many boots and they’ll be great next year should spring actually arrive on time.


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