Doing Time

I can’t believe it has been five weeks since my imprisonment… I mean, my accident.  I’m not sure if I mean that it has been a long time or a short time. It’s both, really. The boot and the crutches and the ice packs and the Advil and the being driven everywhere and helped with so many things have become part of my routine. And yet I still feel like I’m figuring this out every day. How do I best get in the shower?  How do I get into bed?  I’m still thinking about every step on every set of stairs.

Things are looking up, but the road to healthy and normal still feels long.  I have been so physically tired.  Although I am now only using one crutch, it still seems to take a toll. I haven’t done any other kind of exercise (except the ankle exercises) so I am sure that doesn’t help my energy level.  I feel like I could use a really good massage or a hot tub.  Even sitting in some warm sunshine would be good.

The next doctor’s appointment is one week away.  I’m trying not to think too much about it, but I am pretty much counting on good news. I’m also having trouble imagining that I will fully recover and be able to do things I am planning and hoping to do.  Every time I think about making a plan I feel myself hesitate a little because whatever it is I will need to drive or walk around to be able to do.

I really need to get out of this boot.  It makes it really hard to sleep. Imagine attaching a five pound wait to your foot and then getting into bed. And it is hard to get dressed. I am so sick of my clothes.  The boot really limits what I can comfortably wear — especially what I can wear to work. Even they guys in my office must have noticed by now that I wear the same pants every day.  I happen to own 2 pairs so that helps, but I can’t wait to burn them both.

Next milestone is walking with no crutches.  I’ve done it a bit at home, but not much yet. By next week I want to be doing it full time.





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