Something new to wear!

Try not to be jealous when you look at this snazzy new ankle brace I received today.


Pretty sexy, huh?  It is a “form fit ankle brace” and it is kind of like an open-toed ice skate with no blade.  (Not that I’ll be ice skating any time soon.)

I should be much more positive because this is actually good news.  I saw the doctor today and she said my healing is progressing just as it should.  I now have to work up to wearing this new brace a little at a time over the next week or so until I am wearing it full time and not the boot.  No more crutches and soon no more boot!

Even better news is that I don’t have to sleep in the boot anymore. I cannot wait to get under the covers without 5 pounds of bulk wrapped around my right foot and leg.

Possibly the best news is that once I get to wearing the brace full time I will be able to drive again.  I cannot wait to DRIVE AGAIN.  Not being able to drive has been one of the hardest parts of this injury.

I was also given my very own green Theraband to use for ankle strengthening exercises.  Kind of like this guy:TB-ankle-plantarf-2-sit__111804_125348

And thankfully not at all like this woman:dsc_9839

That looks awful.  I hope it helps whatever it is supposed to help.

The only sad new is I don’t go back to the doctor for another 4 weeks which means I’ll still be in sneakers only for the next 4 weeks – albeit 2 sneakers and not just 1.




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