Yesterday I hit a big milestone.  I drove myself to work!  Yes, I actually drove my own car for the first time in 7 weeks and I didn’t have to ask anyone go out of their way.  Although I was thinking about my foot and leg the entire time, things went smoothly and I’m sure no one on I95 could tell I had recently broken my ankle.  That’s the miracle of my “form fit ankle brace.”


Of course I also started using my handicap parking pass because walking is still something I am not that great at doing.  I am so darn slow moving and my foot has forgotten how it is supposed to move. I won’t be going walking or to the mall anytime soon. That’s probably good for my wallet, but today felt like spring and I would have loved a lunchtime stroll by the water.


Another amazing thing that I can now do on my own is get in and out of my apartment.  I live on the second floor so there is a flight of stairs and a heavy door between me and the outside.  (Nope, no elevator.) Until I got off the crutches I needed help carrying anything up or down the stairs as well as getting the door open. I never gave the stairs or the door a moment’s thought before this and now I think about them all the time.

Speaking of doors, for the first couple of weeks when I was on both crutches I could barely open the bathroom door at work.  It is another heavy door that is spring loaded to stay closed.  I felt like a football player tackling the door to get myself inside.  I’m sure it looked pathetic to any observers. Then once I was inside the bathroom I had to remember to get paper towels from the dispenser and put them on the sink before sitting down because while I could get myself from the toilet to the sink without crutches, I couldn’t reach the towel dispenser.  I dried my hands on my pants a few times before figuring out the routine.    It is such a relief to be able to go to the bathroom without a strategy.

Things are improving slowly. I am impatient but trying not to rush myself or the healing.  I am in fear of doing anything that causes a setback.  I wish I could consult with my doctor daily to clear any planned activities because she really has left so much up to me and how I feel. I have to remember that is how I feel physically and not mentally. Mentally I’m ready for a standing desk, a 5 mile walk, and NEW SHOES.




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