The Normal Switch

I had an appointment with the ankle doctor today.  The actual MD doctor and not the PA.  I was hoping for big things.  I was hoping for balloons and I was hoping he’d take out a big switch and set it to “Normal.”  I was hoping for a hug and a cheer saying “you’re healed!”

Alas, it turns out there is no “Normal” switch and that was very disappointing.  Also disappointing was that there wasn’t even one balloon.  There were Dum-Dum lollipops at the reception desk though.

It was a very short visit.  I spent more time waiting to see the doctor than I did actually seeing him.  He couldn’t get out of the exam room fast enough, I actually had to call him back when he was walking out the door to ask my few measly questions.

OK, it was a good visit, but remember this is my place to complain so the complaints really had to come first.  Here’s what he said:

  • Everything is healing as it should be (yay!)
  • I do not have to wear the brace around the house or the office or when I’m sleeping, just when I’m going to be doing a lot of walking around
  • I can go for walks, I can do the elliptical
  • No running or aerobics (oh darn)
  • No high heels (sucks)
  • I get to start physical therapy
  • I have to go back in a month

See, it is a good report and I’m really happy to be doing well, but  this  is not exciting.  No balloons, no hugs, no “Normal” switch.


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