Amazon Orders

  • January 18 – Shower stool – yay, I can shower now!
  • January 23 – Ice pack because I was sick of leaking ziplock bags of ice and hand cream because it is winter
  • January 27 – Crutch pads for relief, new phone case because I dropped my old phone in the toilet and had to get a new one, and Valentine’s day Cards because I need to send the love out to everyone who is helping me so much
  • January 31 – Kind bars because I need some healthy, easy snacks, a new pillow because mine is uncomfortable, and a new comforter for Zoe because she has been cold
  • February 1 – Valentine’s candy for Rob and Zoe — they need sweet treats from me
  • February 6 – Prime Pantry order including laundry detergent, paper towels, and other household items
  • February 19 – Orders are slowing down a bit, but today I re-stocked on tea, Kind Bars, nuts, some other household items and I ordered Rob a new pair of suspenders
  • March 9 – Birthday presents for Zoe.  She’s going to be 14!!!
  • March 19 – Birthday presents for Sophia and my mother